About Us

Pragyaan came into existence out of rather frustration with the present academic systems worldwide.
Pragyaan aims to create ripples in civilizational consciousness.
Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us”, “our” and "Pragyaan" refer to sole proprietorship of Mrinal Wahal (GSTIN: 09AFVPW6899R1ZE)
Hitherto unheard of, Pragyaan, is a premier network doctored exclusively to connect distinguished and dedicated researchers in respective fields to the upcoming demiurgic researchers. If you are looking for ideas to be proposed, debated, discussed and taken forward for real time implementation, then, Pragyaan is the most innovative place you can be in.
Pragyaan recognizes the existing stagnancy, biases, ignorant attitudes and lackadaisical operations in the Indian research paradigm guilty of knavery, and therefore, reasons its spawning as to eradicate the same and provide a convenient yet revolutionary platform to connect, ideate, research upon the ideated and change the world into something better every dawn.
The aim of the founders was to primarily enable democratic, free and fair access to particular resources required to facilitate high quality next-generation research in any domain, even if it hasn't been discovered yet, to students and other aspiring researchers which were rather restricted, hidden or curtained by the existing academic or governmental systems.
Therefore, the first solution Pragyaan decided to bring to the market is a crowdfunding platform carefully choreographed to raise funds to aid the development of interesting and under-represented research by students, scientists and other academic professionals worldwide.
Provided that all the primary founding members of the company are originally trained in engineering, most of the initial products of the company may seem to contain flavours in its features aiming to facilitate the ease of use of the platform by the programming/developing community.
Pragyaan also works on a number of open source projects in the fields of Deep Learning, Quantum computations, Genetic Computations, et cetera. The way to join these projects is to simply stay updated on Pragyaan's GitLab handle.
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