Frequently Asked Questions

Can we host/publish free events?

Yes, you are llowed to host/publish free events. Ad the time of creating your events, simply keep the ticket price at Rs. 0, and that will automatically declare the event free.

I changed my mind. I want to start charging for my free event.

No worries! Just edit your event details, and change the ticket price to whatever you want. And from there on, users will have to pay to register for your event. Keeping the ticket price at Rs. 0 will automatically declare it free, once again.
You can change the ticket price any number of times, whenever you deem fit.

Why do you need KYC?

You can register for any event on Pragyaan without completing your KYC. However, to publish your own event and start accepting payments, you need to complete the KYC.
A KYC is required as per Indian laws, given the nature of our business. To prevent money laundering on our platform, as well as to gaurd the venture against any unethical/immoral/illegal use or practices.
Also, the UPI account with which you complete your KYC, is the same account in which we will disburse your earned funds once your event is over.
You can read detailed documentation on KYC below.

How can I withdraw my earned funds?

We will automatically issue payouts to your saved UPI accounts with which you completed your KYC, within 24 hours of their event getting over.
For more information, read our payouts policy.

How do I delete my event?

You can simply make your event invisibile to the public eye, by toggle the visibility option on the event page. The button will only be visible if you are the admin who published that event. For safety of data, we don't allow anyone to delete events once they are published. But making the event invisible does almost the same job.

How do I publish an online event/webinar?

It's easy. While publishing a new event, activate the "online" option. And some itme before the event is about to start, just go to your registrations page (by clicking on "admin options" dropdown on event page) and click on "copy all emails." This will copy the emails of all your participants into clipboard, paste it in your email client, and send/mail the joining/meeting link to all your participants.