We will automatically issue payouts to users' saved UPI accounts with which they completed their KYC, within 24 hours of their event getting over.
If total payout amount is above Rs. 1,00,000, then we issue multiple settlements in batches. This is due to Govt. of India's upper limit on UPI transactions.
Pragyaan is also not responsible for any incorrect UPI account details saved by any user. If you (or any user) saved incorrect UPI details and all the user's funds got disbursed into that account, Pragyaan cannot be held liable and would also not be responsible for recovering the funds. Therefore, please be very careful while saving your UPI details in your account settings.


Users must make sure they have only completed their KYC using UPI accounts they own and have complete access to. Pragyaan is NOT responsible for any non-functioning or fraudulent UPI accounts.
How long it takes for funds to be deposited in your account also depends on your bank's processing time. Also, is must be clear that no payouts are issued on bank/national/regional holidays in India.
Disclaimer: Pragyaan only supports payments for events published by Indian residents, therefore, if you have mistakenly been allowed to raise funds for your event despite not being an Indian resident/citizen (unless Pragyaan has issued announcements for international operations), Pragyaan is not responsible for disbursing your funds, since it goes against our policies. You have been warned.

Deadlines For Events

Users can manually select their preferred deadline date when publishing a new event, on which they'd like payments on that event to stop or be disabled.
Deadlines can be changed by editing event's details, but event date is NOT changeable.

Halting Disbursements

Pragyaan regularly updates it's policy on what kind of events, or events pertaining to which field, what intentions and/or what objectives will be allowed to be hosted/published and sold/funded on its platform. As of now, there is no restriction on which kind of events can be funded. It's an open ground and a wild west for every passionate teacher/researcher/developer out there.
However, Pragyaan reserves the right to un-publish or delete any event from its platform if it seems problematic to Pragyaan. These could be events pertaining to Weapons Engineering, or dangerous neuro-scientific experimentation, amongst other reasons.
Beyond that, Pragyaan also reserves the right to block or permanently halt disbursements/settlements, for reasons pertaining to errors in documentation or records maintained that of the user or their events. The easiest way to negotiate the release of funds with Pragyaan in such a scenario is to comply with any/every recovery method that Pragyaan describes to users in that case.