Razorpay is our payment gateway of choice.
Pragyaan employs Razorpay as its choice of payment gateway to process and facilitate all transactions on our platform.
Pragyaan takes careful measures to secure the API keys generated from Razorpay which are used by our services.

Payment Verification

We do not simply update the amount for a published event immediately after a payment is completed from the checkout. There is a careful procedure carried out in the back-end for validating the signature of completed payment in order to avoid financial fraud or any potential cyber attacks. Once the payment signature is verified, the payment amount is updated for published event in the database. Therefore, there is a slight delay of few seconds for the fresh amount to show up on event page on the front-end, but it is an important step in order to ensure security of the platform.
Any other measures taken for financial security like that of transactions, can be referred to Razorpay's homepage.